Electronic Swipe

Electronic Swipe :

Intelligence gathering plays an important role in corporate management. It comprises of ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE and COUNTER ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE.

Electronic Surveillance is conducted with heavy sophisticated electronic surveillance systems as well as byparallel telephone connections, hard wiring to a listening device, tape recorders etc.

In Counter Electronic Surveillance, CII employs electronic counter measures (ECM) experts to provide a systematic physical inspection with use of appropriate equipment to detect and neutralize

CII experts ensure that Electronic Counter Measures fully eliminate eavesdropping and the clients can hold talks or meetings in a safe and secure environment by means of an Electronic Sweep prior to the meeting etc and thereafter keep the area under continuous electronic surveillance during the period of use.A Non-Linear Junction detector is used which has the facilities to differentiate corrosive and semiconductor devices hidden in fanciful objects, photo frames, art pieces, walls etc without damage.