Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation :

Reality Detection has become a name to be reckoned with in the Corporate Sector as they are the Renowned Detectives in Kolkata and have been offering successful corporate Investigation to their esteemed clientele over the years. Our agents are spread all over the country and can get you information from any part of the nation. We also help you in recognizing any suspicious employee, who is acting against the interests of your organization. Our skilled team of detectives are well trained and can easily locate any kind of corporate frauds and thefts. A high degree of success along with the most accurate information in corporate Investigation is offered to you from our end.

Our Corporate Investigators are guided by our business practices of RESPECT, FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY. These values are fundamental and extend to all employees, clients, partners and vendors, helping cultivate Reality Detection’s continued growth and opportunities that will benefit our clients.
Please browse our Corporate Investigation Services and feel free to contact us for discussing your Corporate Investigation needs. We look forward to our interaction! In that Section we can investigate in the following matters:

• Employment Investigation

• Corporate-Investigation

• Security Survey

• Due Diligence

• Electronic Swipe

• Insurance Claims Investigation Services

• Litigation Support

• Surveillance/activity check

• Market survey