Adultery/Divorce Investigation:

If you are married and you suspect your significant other, you are experiencing the worst. Someone confirming the affair is not enough. You will need documentation that can be taken to trial if you make the decision to divorce. Documentation is the most important part of your case. Having a thorough report, an explanation of video, and still photography evidence can help you with your presentation of the facts.

We have a dedicated team for Adultery investigation. They are highly experienced and well equipped to undertake the assignment confidentially and wisely. We have devised a special package which covers the following aspects.

The best way to determine whether your partner is cheating on you is to conduct surveillance on them when they are away from you. First, we will work with you to establish an investigative plan that meets the needs of your unique situation. Our investigators will follow your partner and obtain videotape footage of their activities and any associates. You will receive the footage on a video CD at the close of the case that, along with the investigative report, serves as an accurate and clear representation of what occurred during surveillance. You will almost feel as though you were there yourself.